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 Mobile Applications Developments

 Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for smart mobile phones such as Iphone, Blackberry, Android Phones etc. These applications can be easily installed in Phones and these applications can be downloaded from various mobile software distribution platforms and web sites. The market of mobile applications development is rising fast because their demand is very high. Smart Phone application development is the hastily growing sector for complete mobile solutions.

We provide Mobile Application Developments platform’s including:

1) Symbian’s Applications Developments.

2) IPhone Applications Developments.

3) Android Applications Developments.

4) Blackberry Applications Developments.

Everybody knows about these mobile applications and are continuously seeking for some new applications. We provide all mobile applications developed by our experienced software Engineer’s and Mobile Application Developer’s Team.

Following are our mobile software solutions:

  • Mobile Games Development.

  • Mobile Web Development.

  • Mobile Applications Development.

  • Outsource mobile application development.

  • Custom mobile application development in Java, J2ME.

As we can see that mobile industry is going through an intensive progressive phase. Mobile and compact devices become more and more popular in our society. Each of us faces them every day. With greater competition and a need for a growing next-generation technology, the evolution of the entire industry has been exponential.

With the inception of these smart mobile applications, the world has compressed & now comes into your pocket. From a developer's point of view, Smartphone applications are very potential & offer an easy access to many things within seconds, no matter what the time is? & what part of the world you are sitting in? and in reality, mobile application development has compacted the whole world up to the limit that it comes into your pocket now. With a simple touch or click of a button you can access anything you want or anything you need.

Mobile Application Managements (MAM)

 Mobile Application Management (MAM) describes software and software's services that accelerate and simplify the creation of internally-developed enterprise mobile application. It also describes the deployment and management of in-house and commercially available mobile apps used in business. Mobile Application Management (MAM) basically focuses on the role-based security, provisioning and control of mobile apps in an organization.

Technology is something that is always moving forward. There are numerous developments taking place in every sphere of technology. Mobiles are the widely used next generation device and its applications include the innovative technological advancement in this field. Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function.

Green Dome Mobile Application Management (MAM) Services are:

  • Mobile Application Optimization.

  • Mobile Application Intelligence.

  • Mobile Application Security.

  • Application Performance.

  • Application Delivery.

  • Application Security.

  • Application Updating.

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